Live Music!

MUSIC starts at 6 p.m. Call (337) 898-3311 for seating on the patio!


Friday, September 1st - The Cast
Saturday, September 2nd - Kip Sonnier

Thursday, September 7th - Dustin Sonnier
Friday, September 8th - Chalan Thibadeaux
Saturday, September 9th - Ken Holloway

Thursday, September 14th - Rory Suire
Friday, September 15th - Brazos & Mary
Saturday, September 16th - Darel Gros

Thursday, September 21st - Dustin Sonnier
Friday, September 22nd - Nicole Marie
Saturday, September 23rd - Cliff Bernard

Thursday, September 28th - Kip Sonnier
Friday, September 29th - Kaleb Olivier
Saturday, September 30th - Troubadour


Thursday, October 5th - Dustin Sonnier
Friday, October 6th - Kip Sonnier
Saturday, October 7th - Ethan Hunt

Thursday, October 12th - Cliff Bernard
Friday, October 13th - Brazos & Mary
Saturday, October 14th - The Cast

Thursday, October 19th - Dustin Sonnier
Friday, October 20th - Nicole Marie
Saturday, October 21st - Cliff Bernard

Thursday, October 26th - Dustin Sonnier
Friday, October 27th - Kip Sonnier
Saturday, October 28th - Ken Holloway


Thursday, November 2nd - Dustin Sonnier
Friday, November 3rd - Kip Sonnier
Saturday, November 4th - Ken Holloway