The History of SHUCKS!

The History of SHUCKS!

Abbeville and Baton Rouge, LA

In 1973, Harold Hebert, an oyster fisherman from Golden Meadow, Louisiana, and his wife Doris leased a small oyster bar in Abbeville, LA. The oyster bar had been in operation since the late 1800’s and operated under the name Dupuy’s Oyster Bar. The concept combined home cooking and a fun, inviting atmosphere. Guests would receive generous portions resulting in a tremendous value for their money.

In 1979, Harold and Doris decided to sell the restaurant to their daughters Linda and Diane and Diane’s husband Jack Phares. Over the next 15 years, Linda, Diana and Jack served up world class oysters and seafood specialties, which attracted folks from around the U.S. and abroad. The growth and popularity of the restaurant was so great that in 1994, when the lease was up, Linda, Diane and Jack decided to leave Dupuy’s behind and open a larger, more modern facility. They even changed the name to SHUCKS!

On October 2nd, 1995 several hundred faithful customers enjoyed the new and improved version of their favorite eating hole. The explosion in popularity was astounding, and SHUCKS! became THE Louisiana Seafood House and THE Authentic Oyster House! Over the next 12 years, SHUCKS! became known throughout Louisiana as the premier restaurant for authentic Cajun dishes and arguably the best oysters in the world.

In 2007, Linda, Diane and Jack decided to take a well deserved rest and sold the restaurant to David Bertrand and Bert Istre, two Abbeville restaurateurs. The new owners made two promises prior to the purchase. First, all employees would be taken care of, several of whom had been working for the family for 30+ years; and secondly, the original menu would remain unaltered. Both promises were kept, and SHUCKS! never missed a beat.