seafood restaurant abbeville la
fresh seafood abbeville la
fresh seafood restaurant abbeville la

Welcome to SHUCKS!

701 West Port Street, Abbeville LA 70510

Two hours west of New Orleans, two hours east of the Texas border and 30 minutes south of Lafayette, Louisiana from Interstate 10 rests the very heart of Cajun country - Abbeville, Louisiana. Abbeville is truly a treasure chest of the fruits of the sea and the goodness of the earth.

Situated 20 minutes from the Gulf of Mexico and surrounded by extremely rich farmland, Abbeville boasts an abundance of fresh seafood including shrimp, oysters and crabmeat; the choicest beef and pork; wild game, especially duck, crawfish and alligator; and staples such as rice, soybeans and sugarcane.

So where can you find the culmination of all these wonderful gifts of nature? The answer is SHUCKS! - The Louisiana Seafood House! Founded in 1995, SHUCKS! embodies the essence of authentic Cajun Cuisine. In addition, SHUCKS! exemplifies the beauty of Cajun culture. Guests are treated like family and the primary focus of the staff is to provide each guest with exactly what they want, and more.

Our recipes are handed down from generation to generation, using the freshest of ingredients. Our simple blend of seasonings confound the most knowledgeable of diners as they insist an exotic herb or pepper must have been used in our dishes. Come to think of it, there is one ingredient that sets our food apart: love! We Cajuns love to share our food and hospitality with the world. We prepare each stuffed shrimp, each bowl of crawfish etouffee, each plate of fried or grilled oysters with love and pride.

Our philosophy at SHUCKS! is quite simple: If you don't love what you order, you simply don't pay. There is, however, one condition - at some point during the course of your meal ... YOU MUST STOP EATING! Welcome to our restaurant, welcome to our home, welcome to SHUCKS!

At SHUCKS!, when you're here you're family

Come Celebrate every occasion with SHUCKS!

SHUCKS! has been serving the same loyal community for generations. Some of our servers have been serving at SHUCKS! for 10, 20 - even 30 years! The folks in Abbeville, LA have grown up with SHUCKS!

When it comes to birthdays, SHUCKS! knows how to celebrate. Come experience the deliciousness of our homemade bread pudding and celebrate your birthday with SHUCKS! in Abbeville today!